Access for TOKYO exhibition


1: メトロ「六本木駅」3番出口に出ます。地下鉄は日比谷線、大江戸線どちらも3番出口は一緒です。3番出口の階段を登るとこのようなビル看板が見えてきます。

1: Go to Metro “Roppongi station” No.3 exit. You can go there both from Toei-Hibiya line and Toei-Oedo line. After going up the stairs for No.3 exit, you can see the billboard above (see the picture.)
If you have a heavy luggage or need a escalator, you can go straight then see the escalator to go up the ground. Or go up the stairs on your right side to the ground.
note* When you going up with the escalator, then turn back, so that you can see the view like the picture below.

2: こちらが出口から出た風景です。出口を出たら右手へ進みます。マツキヨの方角です。

2: This is the view when you get out from the 3rd exit, then turn right and go straight toward Matsumoto Kiyoshi which is the drug store with yellow wall.
When you pass the drug store, then you can see Amand cafe at the first corner.

3: アマンドを右手に曲がると「芋洗坂」があります。木の看板が地面に立っています。

3: Turn right at the Amand cafe, then you can see the street sign of “Imoarai zaka(芋洗坂)” which is built on the ground, then go straight on this road.

4: まっすぐ進むと二股に道が別れていますが、右手の方へまっすぐ進みます。

4: See the Y-way when you go straight, take the right side then keep going.
The gallery is built on the left side of the road.

5: 道なりに進むと左手にストライプハウスビルが見えてきます。

5: Here is the gallery “stripe house building.”
You can enter the front entrance. The admission for this exhibition is just go down the stairs then the left side door. Welcome!!